The 3stone a la carte menu offers a taste of varied unforgettable Kenyan dishes. Even if you have never tried Kenyan food before you will be pleasantly surprised at what our menu has to offer you.

Exotic Starter

Delicious warm and cold starters including among other things;

  • Sambusa - crispy filo pastry stuffed with meat or vegetables
  • Mishkaki - Mombasa style chicken skewers marinated in a spicy yoghurt
  • Kamba Pili Pili - sautéed tiger prawns brushed with spicy pilipili butter

price range from €4,95 to €7,50.

Flavorsome Mains Courses

Our generously proportioned main courses include an assortment of chicken, beef, lamb, vegetarian and seafood dishes. These are cooked in a range of aromatic and exotic Swahili spices.
Accompanying your main course are various dishes including “Wali” fragrant coconut rice, “Chapati” warm flat bread, “Ugali” a stiff porridge, “Mboga” a vegetable dish and a range of other Kenyan side dishes.
price range from €10,95 to €16,95

Afrodisiac Dessert

To top it off, our Swahili dessert are an absolutely must to end your meal. These tempting home made delights including:

  • Mkono wa Tembo - Fried plantain served with caramel and nut Ice Cream
  • Komamanga - Vanille or coconut ice cream with pomegranate sauce
  • Tunda Puwani - Zanzibar style tropical fruit salad with vanilla Ice Cream.

Just to mention a few, this section is definitely not to be missed !!!
price start from €5.50.